This is why escort ladies receive travelling expenses in addition to their fee

You book an escort lady and you are shown travelling costs? Then the escort lady probably has a journey of more than approx. 20 km to you.


by Bell Bennett

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This is why escort ladies receive travelling expenses in addition to their fee

In the sed cards of our ladies you will find a lot of information. From the appearance of the lady, to her preferences, to the fee of the lady, everything is in there. In addition to the fee of each escort lady, travel expenses are listed. Have you ever wondered why you have to pay travel expenses for the escort ladies or how the travel expenses are composed and calculated? Today we would like to provide you with a brief overview of when travel costs will incurred, how they are calculated and why they may differ.

What are the travel expenses for?

The travel expenses for the escort lady are there so that the escort lady does not incur any further costs to travel from her place of residence to your desired meeting place. Many of our ladies live in big cities or in surrounding communities. If you book the lovely escort lady in her hometown, you do not pay any travel costs for the lady to get there. Here the journey for the lady is very short and therefore associated with little cost. If you would like to book a lady in another city, then the colleagues from BB Escort will calculate the exact travel costs and inform you of them. The travel costs cover the lady's fuel costs, or also the journey by public transport such as the train or also the bus. It doesn't matter whether the escort lady travels with her own car, a car-sharing car or the train. The costs remain the same. Although the fuel costs are usually lower than the flat rate, the escort lady still has ongoing maintenance costs for her car, such as taxes, insurance and wear and tear. Should the lady arrive by taxi and the taxi costs exceed the travel costs, the lady must pay the difference to the travel costs paid by you herself.

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This is how the travel costs for an escort lady are calculated

Next to the fee of the lady you will find the travel costs divided into 3 columns:

  • Location: these are the nearest larger cities or the nearest major cities around the escort's place of residence.
  • Booking: this is the minimum booking time for the escort lady to travel to the respective city.
  • Fee: This is the pre-calculated travel costs / travel expenses that the lady charges to the respective city.

If you book an escort lady who comes directly from Munich, for example, within the city, you do not pay any additional travel costs. If you meet this lady at Munich airport, you have fixed travel costs as stated in the sedcard. If you would now like to meet a lady in a city or at a location that is not listed, you will be charged a travel fee of € 0.80 per kilometre. For this purpose, the distance between the lady's place of residence and the planned meeting place will be calculated.

Flight and train costs

If you would like to meet your desired lady abroad, and she has to travel by plane, then the lady or also the agency books the flight tickets for the escort lady. A deposit is always necessary to cover the travel costs and also part of the lady's fee. In case of train costs, please note that the costs of a regular ticket are always charged and not those of the economy tickets. As it may be that your plans change. Especially if you have booked well in advance, it makes sense for the lady to buy the ticket on the day of arrival or the day before and not days or weeks in advance. If the lady buys the tickets in advance, your deposit for the travel expenses of the escort lady cannot be credited to you.

Escort girls also have travelling expenses for a flight


If an escort lady travels from Munich to her date in Berlin, she has the possibility to travel by car or train, or to fly. It is about 600 km from Munich to Berlin, so travel expenses of 480 € would have to be paid. If an escort lady insists on driving this distance by car, she will be charged 350,-€. This is the maximum rate that escort ladies can charge to get to their date in their own vehicle. If the lady flies from Munich to Berlin by plane, the travel costs consist of the costs for the outward and return flight ticket and an additional 100,-€ expenses for the lady. These expenses are for the meals on the journey and the overnight stay in a hotel. For example, if your 16-hour date in Berlin starts at 10am, it would end at 2am. Of course, the lady cannot take a flight back to Munich at this time and books a room to travel back the next day. The same applies if the escort lady travels to Berlin by train.

Save travel costs

In order to save travel costs, it is not possible to pick up the lady at her home and then drive to the hotel together. However, many escort ladies who do not travel with their own car appreciate it if you pick up the lady at the train station or at the airport, so that the journey is easier for her. If you travel together with the lady and fly together on holiday, or travel together to another city, you have to pay the travel costs to get to your meeting place, but of course not for the journey to the desired location. In this case, the date begins when you meet the escort lady and the journey to your planned location already counts as "date time".

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