When the escort lady refuses your special wishes

You have a request for the escort lady and the escort lady refuses your request, even though you have communicated it very clearly?


by Bell Bennett

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When the escort lady refuses your special wishes

As a customer, you are required to state your (sexual) preferences before the date. This way, the lady of your choice can adjust to them in advance and already exclude certain actions. Under these circumstances, nothing should stand in the way of a harmonious meeting. But what if the escort lady does not fulfill the agreed services in the end?

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When services are not fulfilled

There can be various reasons when an escort lady does not agree to your wishes. In the simplest case, you have not given any information about certain practices in advance and the escort lady simply did not have the chance to point out to you that she does not see herself willing to do so. In such a case, a "no" is always to be accepted.

It can also be that you have expressed your wishes, but there were difficulties in the communication between the agency and the escort lady. In such a case, you can usually resolve the situation directly by making a quick arrangement. It is best to ask at the time of the first contact whether your details have been passed on.

A much more complex situation arises if the lady refuses certain physical activities for hygienic reasons.

Hygienic reasons?

Intimacy, as you desire it in contact with the escort lady, requires a certain degree of mutual respect and this also includes an appealing and clean appearance.

It should not be primarily about looks. Of course, not every client corresponds to the preferences of the escort lady in terms of body type and clothing style. This is not a problem as far as it goes, the ladies are prepared to meet you with a great amount of openness.

What they do not have to accept is a noticeable neglect of personal hygiene. For health reasons alone, natural boundaries are set here. In addition, there are feelings of disgust that conflict with a harmonious sexual contact.

What the lady expects from you

Common reasons for the refusal of agreed sexual practices by the escort lady:

  • Bad breath that makes kissing impossible

  • Unpleasant, unclean body smell

  • Lack of shaving in the intimate area or unwashed body hair

  • Lack of dental hygiene

  • Smell in intimate area

  • Insufficient toilet hygiene

women hold her nose like something is smelling

These examples actually refer to extremes. They are about average expectations of regular everyday hygiene.

Of course, some people "just can't smell each other". However, it is a different matter when unclean smells actually arise. These are usually caused by dried body fluids such as sweat, urine, faeces or semen. An escort lady who regularly maintains close contact with a wide variety of people pays great attention to cleanliness, as this protects not only herself but also her clients from contagious diseases.

The reaction of others to this is just as natural as the reaction to pheromones or positive scents. It is a healthy protective behaviour because the unwashed body (and even more so unwashed clothing) provides a perfect breeding ground for germs and parasites to colonise. We do not want to infect ourselves and hold back accordingly. 

An escort lady who regularly maintains close contact with a wide variety of people pays great attention to cleanliness, as this protects not only herself but also her clients from contagious diseases.

Recommended preparation procedures for the client

The necessary hygiene procedures are therefore not purely about personal rejection, but about health prevention measures that should guarantee you and also the other clients of the escort lady a certain level of safety.

For you, this means putting on clean and well-groomed clothes before the date and taking basic hygiene measures.

These include:

  • Thorough body cleansing (with soap, under running water)

  • Take special care in the intimate area (pull back the foreskin, use mild intimate washing lotion)

  • Thorough dental care

  • Apply deodorant (perfume or aftershave won't hurt either)

  • Fresh underwear

  • Either careful shaving or/and extended intimate hygiene (after every visit to the toilet)

  • Some women prefer non-smokers or don't kiss smokers (talk about it first)

  • Wash your hands after going to the toilet

  • Wash your hands after blowing your nose

In the ideal case, you should take another shower directly before sexual activity. This applies to both parties.

Tips for your booking

How the escort lady prepares

The escort lady is of course also required to prepare herself thoroughly for the date. She will appear clean and well-groomed. Mostly, she is shaved on the legs and under the armpits, in many cases also completely or partially in the genital area. You can assume that she has well-manicured nails and good dental care.

In addition, the woman will dress appropriately for the occasion. She is also welcome to dress according to your wishes. She will also apply a pleasant perfume and favourable make-up. You are welcome to give details of any restrictions here. (For example, if you prefer subtle make-up or have allergies that exclude the use of fragrances.)

The lady will be very grateful if she has a short time to shower off at the end of the date before returning to her own daily routine. Some also enjoy simply having a short shower together.

woman in a bathroom is polishing her nails

Decent behaviour should be a given

In addition to the above mentioned hygienic deficits, a number of other circumstances can lead to an escort lady not being able to meet your requests.

Besides poor personal hygiene, it is mostly the appearance that puts the ladies off.

Of course, you can deal with it if one client is more, the other less direct. What is meant here, is much more the observance of social boundaries.

Loud burping and smelly winds are considered impolite. The same applies to disrespectful comments and an overly bossy manner. Even if you are nervous, try to avoid automatisms. A finger up your nose, your hand in your pants and bitten nails are an expression of a lack of self-control. Stay present in the moment for the date and maintain due decorum.

This will be easier for you if you are moderate with alcohol and other stimulants. You know yourself best and probably know at what level of alcohol you are no longer able to react in an orderly manner to your surroundings. It is advisable to maintain this level.

If you exceed it, not only do you risk rejection by your companion, you may also miss a large part of your (quite expensive) date if you knock yourself out early or have a lack of memory.

Problems that do not have to be

The problems mentioned refer to differences from the social norm. Perfectionism is not expected. You do not have to make a special effort. It is merely a matter of a healthy degree of hygiene. Therefore, such conflict situations rarely occur.

In fact, it is up to you. Present yourself in the same way as you expect your counterpart to.

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