This is how an interview with an escort agency works

The casting or job interview at an escort agency helps the agency and the lady to get to know each other. Here both learn a lot about each other!


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

This is how an interview with an escort agency works

The interview or casting serves as a first meeting between the agency and the escort lady. But as is the case with job applications, as a newly appointed escort lady you will certainly have some questions and worries. That's why we have written down for you how the (business) relationship comes about, what information the agency needs and what you should pay attention to when applying to an escort agency. 

The application: the agency needs this information

Just about every agency has an application form on their website.

It asks for various pieces of information that you need to provide as an applicant.

Most of the items are self-explanatory, but some questions may make you frown. In fact, it is useful to get a feel for the person applying before the first interview.

The agency needs these data to get a picture of the applicant

  • Name: When applying for a job, it is sufficient to use a stage name with which the staff can address you. Only when it becomes official do you have to share your real name. 
  • Contact details: A phone number and/or email address is necessary to contact you. 
  • Residence: This is not about your address, but about the general region where you live and where you can accept dates.
  • Age: A rough indication of age is sufficient. The agency wants to know if you fit into the team and the target group.
  • Height, weight, measurements: Gentlemen want a selection of different body and person types when looking for an escort date. You don't need model measurements to be successful as an escort! 


In addition to basic information such as age and place of residence, some application forms are interested in additional topics. Do you speak several languages? This can be advantageous if the agency serves international clients. Questions about your job, education and earnings are also common. 

Some points in the application are unnecessary or superfluous. Many escorts mention their hobbies, favourite designers or other information that only plays a role later. It doesn't necessarily hurt if this additional information appears in the application - it can help to develop a feeling for the person. But generally, it is not until the escort sedcard is created that such details matter. 

Application at BB Escort - Your reputable agency

Pictures say more than a thousand words

The most important part of your application as an escort lady are your pictures. It is best to send a portrait photo and a full body photo with your application.

These do not have to be professional photos from a photo studio - nice snapshots are sufficient. It should only be possible to get an idea of your figure and appearance.

For this reason, you should refrain from using filters and beautification programmes. Some agencies ask for your Instagram account or other social media profiles to get an impression of your personality.

If an agency manager wants to see nude photos or pictures of your breasts and buttocks, you should end the contact quickly. This is not serious! 

The interview takes place virtually via PC or smartphone

The interview: a conversation at eye level

Sending the application form is the first step. The interview at an escort agency cannot be compared to a "normal" job interview at a company.

You are not applying for a permanent position as an employee. It is more about a cooperation between the agency and the (self-employed) escort lady.

That's why some people call the first meeting a "casting" or "introduction".

Escort agencies that operate throughout Germany now conduct their castings almost exclusively via Zoom, Skype or other online tools.

This saves everyone involved a long journey. 

Moreover, for many newcomers, the video call is a smaller hurdle than a real meeting. What is the conversation about?

It is important for every reputable agency to know the escort models personally. The lady should also be able to get a better picture of the agency during the interview and get answers to her open questions. In addition, the agency explains to the model how the cooperation works, what to look out for and roughly discusses what will be in the agency contract, which the applicant should definitely receive again in writing.

The casting usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes and has a non-binding, relaxed tone. You have a business relationship with the agency, but it should be friendly and on an equal footing.

I often hear of black sheep who give the ladies clear guidelines and put them under pressure. That is an absolute no-go! If the values and ideas do not match, you should not enter into a cooperation.

Open questions: These are the topics you should address

There is enough room for your questions in the interview. A serious agency will make an effort to answer all questions and explain details, or address sensitive issues on their own initiative. 

With all the excitement, it can be easy to forget your questions and worries. It is a good idea to write down your thoughts beforehand and have a notepad ready. Then you can take notes and ask questions during the interview. 

Some topics are very important and will quickly fall under the table if you don't actively ask about them:


  • Minimum contract period: Is there a certain amount of time you have to work with an agency or a minimum number of appointments? Neither is legal! You can end a contract at any time if you realise that it's not the right fit. 
  • Agency commission: What percentage of your turnover do you have to give to the agency? A commission of between 20 and 30 % is usual. 
  • Photo rights: Will your pictures be taken off the site immediately after the collaboration or can the agency continue to use the photos? The pictures of the escort lady should be taken off the site immediately after the end of the contract. 
  • Notice period: Can you quit immediately if you decide against further cooperation? You should be able to quit at any time if you want to.   

Don't be afraid to ask critical questions! You are allowed to openly address your concerns - this is explicitly encouraged! If the person you are talking to is evasive or you feel intimidated, this is a bad sign. 

How to apply properly to an escort agency

There is no clear schedule for the interview as an escort lady. The interviews are too individual for that. In the end, it's always about developing a feeling for each other: Is there a human and professional fit?

The same basic rules apply to the job interview at an escort agency as to other professional appointments. Punctuality, honesty and reliability are the basis for a good working relationship. 

You don't have to be nervous at all when you apply to become an escort. We look forward to hearing from you and will do everything in our power to support you in your first steps in the world of escort!

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