When escort clients are difficult - how to deal with them professionally

Rarely do escort ladies encounter clients who are truly difficult, be it due to poor hygiene, rudeness, or a lack of chemistry.


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

When escort clients are difficult - how to deal with them professionally

There are brutal prejudices against clients who use an erotic service. In your mind's eye, you might see an unkempt ruffian who would otherwise have no chance of making contact with a woman. Reality contradicts this prejudice: the vast majority of our guests are respectful, pleasant gentlemen who choose an escort date for many different reasons. But what if it's not a good human match? What can you do if your client is rude or even smelly? There are many ways to elegantly find a solution to these problems as an escort. 

Is it possible to see the escort client beforehand?

What do I do if I don't like the escort guest?

Sex with different men is part of the job as an escort. You will have requests from younger and older gentlemen, from people with different interests and personalities, from all walks of life. It is quite likely that not every one of them is your dream man. You would not have sex with most gentlemen if you met privately at a bar. 

As an escort lady, things look different. After all, you are booked to spend a great time with the guest - also in sexual terms. So, close your eyes and go for it, even if the man is not your type?

There are several reasons why you might not like the guest. But for most problems there are relatively simple solutions without directly breaking off the date. Of course, this is and remains an option if you feel uncomfortable or even insecure. In most situations, however, this is not necessary.

By the way: Just like the lady, the guest can break off the date at any time. You can eliminate the most common reasons for sending someone home with a few little tricks. 

Case 1: The guest is not likeable and not my type

You don't like a client because you wouldn't normally go on a date with this man? That can happen - and is even quite likely. On the other hand, the escort client does not necessarily have to like the lady. After all, he is the guest who pays a handsome fee for the time spent together.

As an escort lady, you are not looking for the man of your life. It also doesn't matter whether there should be a second or third date or whether your life plans fit together. The escort date has a clear beginning and a clear end. That's why it doesn't matter whether the man matches your ideal or not. 

A good escort lady is professional and does not look at the appearance of her clients. Of course it is important that a client is nice and courteous and that you get along with each other. But it can happen that you meet people with whom it doesn't work out so well. The high art of escorting is to still lead through the evening charmingly, confidently and with a smile. 

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Case 2: The guest is rude and disrespectful

This problem is more critical. The guest is not just quirky or not your type, but is actively rude to you. In this case, you have to consider where your personal limit lies. What can you still accept, where would you rather withdraw?

This is a highly individual decision that depends on the situation.

Did you take a long journey to visit the man in another city? Is it a longer booking or is it the classic dinner date with private time that is done after two to three hours? In some cases it is enough to change the subject, other customers already respond to a friendly but firm rebuke.

If it is not possible, you can of course cancel the meeting. After breaking off the meeting, you should definitely contact the agency management. On the one hand, to possibly find a solution. On the other hand, you can put the guest on the blacklist if his or her behaviour was not acceptable. 

Case 3: The guest is unkempt or smelly

It occasionally happens that a client has not showered before the date and smells accordingly. Maybe the man has a natural body odour that makes your toenails curl up. 

This problem has the simplest solution. What man doesn't love to jump in the shower naked with a beautiful woman? Ask him at the earliest possible moment if you want to shower together. This has two advantages: The gentleman will definitely enjoy the closeness in the shower cabin. And you can make sure that the client is really clean afterwards. 

If the client smells unpleasant coming out of his mouth, you can offer him some chewing gum or mouthwash. Every escort lady should have mouthwash in her handbag anyway—not only for herself, but also for such “emergencies”.

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For every problem there is an elegant solution

An escort lady does not have to get along with every client. But she must approach every guest in an open, friendly and respectful manner.

A hairdresser can't choose who sits on the chair in front of her either. Of course, a sexual service is different from a haircut, but the principle is the same. If an escort is too picky, she will not be successful and will not earn 20,000 euros a month

People are different. Your personal favourite client might be a nightmare for a colleague. It is completely normal in the escort business that the wavelength is sometimes not right. No one has anything to gain from you struggling through the date because it's not a good human fit. After all, the customer notices when the lady doesn't feel comfortable. In such cases, it is better to pull the ripcord early before you end up with bad feedback.

Do you find it easy to talk to different people without prejudice? Do you find erotic aspects in every person? Then you are perfectly suited for the job as an escort lady! We will be happy to advise you on getting started and taking your first steps.

Here you can apply directly to us!

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