This is how a couple booking as escort works

Learn everything about escort dates with couples: Tips, procedures, and communication for successful threesome experiences with a focus on bisexual eroticism.


by Bell Bennett

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This is how a couple booking as escort works

The typical escort client is a single man who wants to spend time with a beautiful woman in an uncomplicated way. But there is another target group: open couples who are interested in having sex in a threesome and book an escort lady for this purpose. These dates are different from the everyday meetings, with which you gain more experience as an escort. Therefore, we have collected all the important information about the couple visit for you, so that you can be better prepared for this special experience.

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Couple visit: open couple meets escort dream girl

A ménage-à-trois is one of the most common sex fantasies there is. The thought of an erotic threesome with a second woman or man is a tingling idea for many relationship couples and is on many sex bucket lists. But where do you find the extra playmate?

Bisexual women who are ready to fulfil the sexual fantasy of a strange couple unfortunately do not grow on trees. In the swinger scene, the term “unicorn” has become established for this shy creature: beautiful, but extremely rare. Countless couples vie for the attention of the few single ladies.

Fortunately, there is a shortcut. Some couples choose to book an escort for their threesome. This has many advantages. For one, it eliminates the tedious search for a suitable bed partner. In addition, the nature of the relationship is clear from the beginning: it is a sexual service without an emotional component. In a threesome with a private person, perhaps even from your own circle of friends, jealousy, and love drama can quickly arise.

For an escort lady, couple bookings can be an exciting and lucrative proposition. Typically, the fee for a couple escort is 50% higher than for a date with a single man. You get more money for the same amount of time. On the other hand, sex with two people is often more demanding than a typical date. You should be aware that when you go on a couple's date, you are spoiling both the man and the woman.

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How to have sex with a couple

You might be wondering how a date with a couple might go. In general, we can say that the focus is usually more on the erotic part of the date. The dinner for three together is for getting to know each other – you should definitely take this time to get to know the couple's expectations.

Communication is generally a crucial factor in escort dates, but even more important in couple bookings. The escort lady should talk in detail with the couple at the beginning of the date to understand their ideas and wishes more precisely. Normally, “only” the chemistry between two people must be right. In this situation, all three parties must be hot for each other.

A couple with an escort lady in bed

In addition, there is the emotional component within the couple. It can happen that it is totally exciting in the fantasy when a second woman is there – but then jealousy arises on the date. This is perfectly normal. In that case, you should withdraw as a professional lover and give the couple enough space to solve their own problems.

Some couples know exactly what they want. They want a lively threesome in which all three bedfellows fall over each other. Some men have the fantasy that the escort lady is completely dedicated to the woman and he may witness the wild goings-on. Other women want the lady to make her husband really hot
sharp makes and she watches. Here the fantasies are as individual as the respective couples themselves.

In any case, the fantasy of bisexual eroticism is a huge attraction in this constellation.
If you do not want to be intimate with a woman, the service “couple visit” does not belong on your escort sedcard.

Accompany couples as an escort lady: Our tips from practice

If you are new to escorting, you usually don't enter the ring as a virgin. Even on the first date you know roughly what to expect. With a couple booking, it (often) looks different: Very few escorts have already had sexual experiences with couples before their job.

A good escort agency would recommend meeting with an experienced couple for the first threesome date. When both escort and clients have their “first time” together, all three end up lost in front of the bed, not knowing what to do with each other.

However, over time you will develop a flair for this form of booking - allowing many couples their ultimate sex fantasy. If this idea appeals to you, you should apply as an escort. We will advise you on all further steps.


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