What could be more beautiful for a woman than being licked, but is a lick slave worth it?

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by Bell Bennett

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What could be more beautiful for a woman than being licked, but is a lick slave worth it?

Are you an enthusiastic lick slave or would you like to become a lick slave? If the latter, you may now be asking yourself, "What is a lick slave?" Well, mostly they are people who have a lick fetish. This simply means that they take extreme pleasure in licking someone or something. A lick fetish, in turn, can of course take many forms. So there is no such thing as a single lick slave, because this preference manifests itself in many variations. Often these are combined with additional fetishes.

Typical lick slave types

There are two types of lick slaves, which can also occur in combination. On the one hand, there is the lick slave who concentrates on objects. He cleans objects chosen by the mistress with his tongue. A lick slave, on the other hand, who is body-oriented, concentrates on the feet and the genital area of the mistress. Feet can also be in shoes or stockings and the two types of lick slave are mixed. Sometimes the lick slave is also called a lick servant, which again clarifies his position in the BDSM relationship. He has to be ready for his mistress without hesitation and on call. Of course, these things are written down in a slave contract, as is customary in BDSM. The lick slave draws his excitement from licking, sexual contact with the mistress is accordingly not the rule. Since relationships are always individual, there are of course some exceptions.

What does dominance mean? A submissive worshiper kissing the feet of a woman

What does the lick slave lick?

When you think of licking, you may first think of the woman's intimate area. And the vagina, anus and perineum are indeed pampered by the lick slave. In many cases this is a reward for the lick slave. Likewise, although these areas may be presented to the slave, the licking is denied. As a rule, the game proceeds in such a way that the mistress first makes her lick slave horny with all the means of the art. Then she holds her most precious parts directly in front of his face, but he is not allowed to lick them. This procedure could be seen as a form of punishment. Before a BDSM lick slave is generally allowed to venture there, other things are usually licked. The mistress's feet are very high on the list. Licking dirty feet, sucking toes and licking the soles of the feet are common practices. Less common are calves or other parts of the leg. Foot fetishism and lick fetishism usually merge smoothly. Feet, as already mentioned, can also be in shoes, which have to be licked clean. The vagina is only something for experienced lickers, most mistresses make that clear directly. The slave must therefore first work his way up.

To the foot fetish


Caviar and golden shower are also removed by many lick slaves from their mistress. Of course, this is done with the tongue. After going to the toilet, the lick slave cleans the dirty areas of the mistress with his tongue. The transition to the toilet slave is often not discernible here. The toilet slave licks the toilet clean after the mistress has used it. It must now be freed of all residues. The fact that the tongue is also colloquially called a flannel takes on a completely different meaning here.

The extreme case of the toilet slave is not necessarily the rule in the lick slave scene. There are numerous things that can be licked. In connection with other fetishes, this often occurs. Such fetishes can be:

  • Latex fetish
  • Leather fetish
  • Rubber fetish
  • Silicone fetish
  • Nylon fetish
  • Shoe fetish

Some lick slaves also have a preference for bathroom items. They lick cotton wools, hairbrushes and perfume bottles. Licking certain things can be as much a reward as a punishment for the slave. The floor on which the mistress walks is often licked as well. For the licking slave this is an honour.

Various fetishes

Lick Slave Stories

We found this lick slave story in a marriage. Anonymously, the couple tells us about their respective preferences. Let's just call them Ina and Sven. Ina is not a typical lick slave mistress, because she herself also has a lick fetish. The couple met at a fetish meeting. Sven was actually looking for a woman from the dominatrix lick slave category, but did not find what he was looking for. The two share their lick fetish and simply take turns. Each of them is allowed to be a lick slave once, and they both get along quite well with that. The fairly timed lick relationship turned into a solid marriage. However, the lick fetishism that unites the two is kept a closely guarded secret. Friends and family are not informed and that's how it should stay. Sven and Ina see this as a private affair that should remain private.

Cuckolding and Voyeurismus

Miss Maria, as the dominatrix lets her lick slave call her, takes unspeakable pleasure in chastising her lick slave. "I enjoy dominating him. But sometimes when I have to punish him, it is also a punishment for me. I get him hot, hold my cunt in front of his face and he is not allowed to lick. At the same time, I secretly want this very badly. But punishment must be! Of course I enjoy playing with him and after the long delay it is all the better when I climax. Without him, of course, because he has to watch." Miss Maria's slave is not only a lick slave but also a cuckold. That means he has to watch his mistress doing it with other men or women. If he has behaved well, he gets to clean Miss Maria with his tongue afterwards. "He has to clean me until it flashes. Other men's sperm, sweat and pussy juice are always there. Sometimes a little golden shower too." This power imbalance relationship is almost textbook. Mistress, lick slave and the other man are either in a room or the lick slave has to kneel and peep through a keyhole.

Lick slave wanted

To lick or be licked so beautifully, this beautiful experience cannot be shared with everyone. However, this is possible with many of our escort ladies. Many ladies like to be licked, prefer lick slaves or love to perform the dominant lick slave education. Some escort ladies have a lick fetish themselves and love to spoil their guests with their tongue. The combination of lick slave and dominatrix is just as possible as being pampered with the tongue. Just have a look at the corresponding category on our website, you will surely find what you are looking for. Our charming ladies are more than just beautiful to bite or lick. They are stylish and the pleasure of licking is enhanced by sophisticated conversation and a nice evening or day. Many of our escort ladies are doubly blessed when it comes to using their tongues. Of course, you also have the possibility to contact us via our hotline. We will advise you if you are unsure and put together suitable ladies for you to choose from. Just make your choice, you will not regret it and you will remember the unforgettable time for a long time. Of course we are also happy to be able to convince you as a future regular customer.

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