Ideas that go beyond the escort service

With escort ladies, you neither only go out to dinner, nor do they have to do everything in bed that the client wants. What does an escort do and what doesn't.


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

Ideas that go beyond the escort service

In order to find out whether an escort lady is the right contact person for you, it can help to first inform yourself about how an escort service is designed and where the limits of this service lie. Furthermore, every escort lady always remains a woman with individual likes and dislikes. Many questions in this regard are already answered by the set card, which is displayed with the overview of our ladies. It is also never wrong to formulate your own expectations quite specifically in the context of an initial enquiry. This way, both sides have a fair chance to adjust to each other and you can be referred to someone who shares your inclinations and enables you to have a correspondingly harmonious date. 

To our escort ladies

The range of services of an escort lady

Type of service

An escort service is an escort service by name.

The paid escort is hired to spend quality time with the client. It can be about joint activities, a cosy get-together and sometimes also public events. 

The escort lady is sometimes company, sometimes a decorative accessory. Often a night spent together is part of the arrangement.

Sex is offered as a matter of course, but is not a compulsory component. 

This is the right way to book an escort lady!

Customer motives

Requests to an escort agency are preceded by different motivations. Personal concerns may be combined with social or business reasons. Quite matter-of-factly, the client's company may be marketing itself under a harmonious family image, which the individual representative as a single person can hardly carry to the outside world, or the conservative family finally expects the introduction of a partner to their homosexual offspring. Such scenarios are not always easy to realise via an escort lady, but are ultimately quite conceivable. Most of the time, the client, and presumably you as well, will be concerned with the satisfaction of personal needs. Sometimes there are preferences that cannot be lived out in a relationship, in other cases singles are looking for a non-binding adventure with a guarantee of success. Of course there are many more reasons, but these are probably the most common aspects that lead to the booking of an escort lady.

Escort ladies accompany clients on holiday

More variables

The meeting places are correspondingly variable.

From a few hours in the customer's flat to a joint holiday, everything is conceivable.

The demands on the age of the ladies are just as broad. As expected, the average age of the ladies is between 20 and 40, but there is also a lively interest in more mature escorts. 

Escort as holiday companion

Short-term interpersonal relationships

The fact that the ladies usually only offer what you yourself enjoy guarantees a human agreement and thus a special shared experience.

Nevertheless, a good escort will keep her private life to herself and always keep the temporary relationship non-binding or take herself back.

You as a customer are the focus. You should feel comfortable. A good escort must therefore always be able to slip a little into the role of your desired partner. A real challenge that you should meet with due respect.

Escort ladies can get intimate with the client

The difference to prostitution

From a purely interpersonal perspective, respectful interaction is of course generally desirable. Nevertheless, it should be noted that an escort lady is not a prostitute whose business consists purely of marketing her body. You will meet an escort lady on eye contact and she will not blindly submit to your instructions. It is never about the quick, impersonal satisfaction of needs. An escort lady will take a lot of time just for you. She will appear worldly and educated, so that you will find her a pleasant companion. She strives to make your time together as pleasant as possible, but also expects to respect your objections. 

  • The "no" of an escort lady is binding. She can reject your wishes at any time and safely break off a date if it goes beyond her personal limits. 
  • An escort lady will appear well-groomed and styled for the date. She expects the same from you.
  • Reasonable social standards apply. Accordingly, clean and often relatively high-class hotel rooms are expected for shared nights.
  • Respectful manners are a must.
  • The escort lady does not reveal any private details.

The limits of the escort service

Especially in the sexual sense, explicit agreements and open communication are needed to adhere to these principles. If you have special sexual needs, please express them in advance. Some of the ladies like to act more dominant towards you within a preconceived framework. Under certain circumstances, however, they will also refer you to a dominatrix studio. 

In general, the range of services offered by the ladies is based on moral and personal boundaries.

Moral limits:

  • Respectful manner is expected. No disparagement or insults. The will of the escort lady is always to be respected.
  • The escort lady does not participate in illegal acts. (e.g. sex with animals, with minors, under duress, humiliation...).
  • As a rule, you meet the escort lady alone. In exceptional cases, the escort agrees to sexual acts with several people. However, this must be clarified beforehand.
  • Danger to life and limb will not be tolerated. Health concerns are a good reason for breaking off a date.
  • Safety first. If the escort lady suspects the use of violence, she may leave the scenario at any time. This is especially true if the client is drunk or appears to be under the influence of drugs.
  • If you are looking for a trained sub, contact an appropriate studio.
  • Extreme fetishes must first be agreed upon. Violence and faeces are usually mutually exclusive.

Personal reasons:

  • If the escort lady feels uncomfortable in your company, she may end the date.
  • In the event of poor personal hygiene on the part of the client, any physical contact may be refused.
  • In BDSM acts, a safe word is bindingly established.
  • The use of condoms is required by law.


Since "extreme" is very relative, ask about sexual practices that seem average to you, such as anal sex and fisting, before the date.

Escort agencies cover a very wide range of offers.

However, individual ladies may bring with them aversions to particular practices due to their individual life histories, which should be respected. 

Trust is good, control is better

Every agency will strive to create a pleasant working atmosphere for its escort ladies and to offer a wide range of services for its clients.

Therefore, there is a permanent exchange with both the clients and the ladies. Feedback from you helps the agency to optimise customer satisfaction. Feedback from the ladies ensures that no one takes advantage of the inexperience of young escorts and that the ladies can maintain their openness towards the clients.

To our BB-Escort ladies

Booking as a couple



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