8 tips for your first escort date

Feeling excited? Even an experienced escort lady gets butterflies before each date. It's totally normal for the butterflies in your stomach to dance samba.


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

8 tips for your first escort date

Well, excited? Even a experienced escort has heart palpitations before every date. It's perfectly normal for the butterflies in your stomach to dance the samba as your first date as an escort approaches. We have collected eight tips from practice to take away your stage fright. 

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1. Preparation is half the battle

Do you love the feeling of being well-prepared? As an escort, it is especially important to have a battle plan. This only works if you communicate well with the guest in advance.

You should not wait blindly in a strange lobby for a man you don't know. We recommend that new (and experienced!) escorts have a short telephone conversation with an unknown client before meeting him. In the best case, you can get an idea of the person you are about to meet in advance. Is he relaxed, or does he take it very seriously? Is it his first escort date, or is he an old hand who knows what he wants?

If you have had contact by e-mail, you should check whether all questions have been clarified. Fee, travel costs in case of a longer journey, possibly preferences or dress preferences: All this information gives you the security to be well-prepared.

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2. An agency makes things easier

Booking an escort lady via BB-Escort If you work with an agency, they will take care of the flow of information. You will be told exactly when you have to be where and what special features await you this time.

On the day of the date, the agency will give you the room number where your gentleman will be waiting for you. This only happens after the agency has checked that the client is really there, usually with a phone call to the room. When you set off, you can be sure that it is not a fake booking. If the meeting point is not in the hotel room, you will receive an exact meeting point.

As an independent escort, you would have to take care of keeping track yourself. The agency also provides security and reinsurance when it comes to safety as an escort.

This means security with an escort agency

3. Better to come too early than too late

An escort lady on her way to the date In the escort business, it is usually not a good idea to be early. However, being over-punctual can help you to calm your nerves.

It is generally good advice to be at the location five minutes early rather than too late. While you're waiting, have a glass of water at the hotel bar (preferably not champagne - you don't want to smell of alcohol when you're kissing someone welcome) to calm your fluttering nerves.

It can happen that you are late for an escort date. However, this should be the absolute exception. Plan your arrival time generously. If you notice that you are running late, be sure to let your guest know! That way, you won't have to worry about not showing up at all. 

4. The question of the fee

Payment at an escort date Escorts are always paid before the date. An experienced client knows this and already has the unsealed envelope with him. You should not have to ask for your fee, but be discreetly handed it within the first ten minutes. However, it doesn't hurt to communicate this information during the booking process so that there are no misunderstandings.

5. No means no - always

Saying no as an escort lady As a new escort, the question is surely buzzing through your head whether you really have to do everything with your guest. The answer is a clear no. An escort date is a date at eye level. This means that the client cannot force you to do anything. If this is the case, you should stop the date immediately or call your agency.

The vast majority of all escort clients are gentlemen who behave politely and respectfully. On the other hand, you should not necessarily refuse all proposals - it is difficult to work as an escort without sex. But you don't have to do things you don't want to do, and you can always break off a date.

6. Taboo topics during the escort date

You can talk to your client normally. You can even say that it is your very first date. He will understand and maybe give you a tip or two. Most men even feel really honoured!

However, there are topics that you should rather avoid on an escort date. Ideally, you should keep information about your family, partnership, or children to yourself. On the other hand, you should not ask the client about these topics. If he talks about it of his accord, you can offer him an open ear—but respect his boundaries. If you are uncomfortable with a topic, try to steer the conversation charmingly in another direction!

7. Behaviour in the wild

Maybe the gentleman doesn't want to meet you in the hotel, but wants to do something. That's great and often a lot of fun. Whether you're visiting a spa or cheering at the football stadium, experiences like these are a nice change from the erotic aspect of the job.

Here you should adapt to the client and his or her preferences. Try to give your companion an unforgettable time—even if the activity is not 100% to your taste. However, this does not mean that you should do things you do not want to do. If a man wants to have sex in public (for example, when you go to the spa), you should clearly say no.

8. The initiative is up to you

An unfamiliar role for many women: As an escort, you sometimes have to take the reins. There are guests who are shy and reserved and don't dare to make the first move. It would be annoying if the man waits the whole evening for you to take the initiative. You should not take him by surprise, but push him carefully and charmingly in the right direction. No man will (probably) say no.

However, it can happen that a gentleman changes his mind during the date and does not want to be intimate with the lady. In such cases, communication is the key so that in the end all parties go home satisfied.

This is why you are sent home by your customer

As you can see, stage fright before your first date is understandable but unfounded. The job as an escort has its challenges. Many worries and problems can be solved through preparation and communication. We hope that these eight tips have given you a little clarity on how such a meeting could go.

If you have further questions or would like to work as an escort and earn money, please contact us at any time. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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